Parochet - Torah Ark Curtain

Malchut Judaica creates custom embroidered parochet - Torah ark curtains with care and expertise. A parochet is a decorative curtain that covers the Torah ark in a synagogue. It symbolizes the sanctity of the Torah and adds beauty to the sanctuary.  
Our parochet curtains are made from the finest fabrics and threads to last for generations. We offer a wide variety of designs and embroidered motifs for you to choose from, including Hebrew letters, Stars of David, menorahs, and more. Our expert artisans hand embroider each parochet with precision and attention to detail to create a unique and spiritual work of art.  
We understand that a parochet is more than just a decorative curtain - it represents your synagogue's tradition, history, and spiritual identity. That's why we work closely with each customer to create a custom parochet that perfectly fits your vision and aesthetic. Our Torah ark curtains are made just for you and your congregation.  
At Malchut Judaica, our mission is to create sacred items that enhance the spiritual experience. Our custom parochet curtains honor the sanctity of the Torah and add ritual beauty to your synagogue. If you're looking for a parochet that truly reflects your congregation's uniqueness, we invite you to contact us so we can start creating your vision together.  


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