PerfTzit Undershirt Adult Tzitzis Keshiras Ashkenaz

מקט: PER18M
מחיר מבצע$12.50

Our Ashenaz Adult PerfTzit are stitched down on both sides about 3.5" from the arm-hole going down and left open thereafter. The corners on these T-Shirt Tzitzis are reinforced with a cotton lining and have an opening on top special made to tuck in the strings for safe and easy washing.

These undershirt tzitzis are made from 100% cotton fabric which is ultra comfortable for all day wear.


Please note: Sizes are approximate and are only here to help you make your selection accordingly.


Please note: Meyuchad strings are included on these tzitzis. Orders placed with different tying options are custom orders and cannot be returned or exchanged. Custom orders take approximately 2 weeks for production.

Size: Size 18
String Type: Meyuchad (Machine)
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