Deluxe Talis HaMefoar White Stripes

מחיר מבצע$145.20

The Deluxe Talit HaMefoar prayer shawl is a particularly elegant Tallit woven from pure wool yarns. A unique weave pattern provides the Talit with a slightly heavier and more substantial feel, combined with a slightly rough surface for better hanging.
The prayer shawl is available with a high level of finish and includes a lining and reinforcements. The Tallit tips reinforcements are made of the same wool as the main body of the Tallit and perfectly integrates into it. The same is true for the Tallit corners made of reinforced wool fabric. The tips of the Tallit are decorated with a double knot providing it with beauty and elegance.

Your Hight: S - Under 5'4", M - 5'5"-5'7", L - 5'8"-5'10", XL - 5'11"-6', 2X - 6'+

Tallis Length: S - 49''-65", M - 55"-72", L - 59"-72", XL - 63"-72", 2X - 67"x72"

Size: Small - 55
String Type: Thick Avodas Yad Ashkenaz
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